books for children and young adults

Submarine Spies and the Unspeakable Thing​ (age range 9-12)

Caitlin loves animals and she wants to be a vet when she grows up, but her mum and dad say she must take over the family business and run their café. When Caitlin discovers something unspeakable down by the river, everything changes. Dogs, cats, parrots, chinchillas and submarine spies transform Caitlin’s life into an unspeakably thrilling, funny and heart-warming adventure.



The Rugby Zombies (age range 9-11)

High on a hill outside the little village of Aberscary, thirteen year old Arwel discovers a team of rugby playing zombies. Only a miracle will get them off his back.

Nominated for a Tir na n-Og award by the Welsh Books Council, the Rugby Zombies trilogy is cult hit with young readers in Aberscary and all around the world.


The Bus Stop at the End of the World (age range 9-11)

At the bus stop, halfway between his new home and school, Ritchie’s stumbled upon the sport where myth and real trouble get mixed up, Singing cowboys, green creatures from the hedge and the fastest girl on two wheels might not be enough to save him from the most dangerous enemy known to man.



Steve’s Dreams (age range 7-9)

As his mum drops him off and picks him up around Pendown, a town on the side of a motorway that most people don’t know about, Steve’s on the look out for aliens, spies, explosions and bad things. At night, he steps of the roof of his house and enters the library of dreams. Here, he puts everything right. Steve can save anything and anyone, from sabre tooth tigers, to Neanderthals to singing pirates – but only when he’s asleep.


The Last Big One (age range 13+)

Dan’s most recent fast-moving adventure. Teenage Clint Williams moves to a new town. One mistake leads to another and before he knows it he’s on the run. Can Clint redeem himself… with a horse?