A little after the Berlin Wall falls and the ‘Eastern Bloc’ realises it’s not a ‘Bloc’ and it isn’t particularly ‘Eastern’, misunderstandings multiply. As the world begins to transition into chaos, a new serial killer threatens the city. But the reluctant detective isn’t engaged. No one is telling the truth. Not even him.

This is a comedy and a tragedy, a search for identity and a thriller. The Pumpkin Season is about poetry and intellectual property and is for readers who want to enjoy themselves and those who don’t.

I began writing novels after working as a scriptwriter for CBBC’s Tracy Beaker series. Before that I wrote scripts and directed for radio and TV. People say my work is funny, quirky and interesting. I say that’s how life seems.

I teach Creative Writing and Professional Writing at the University of the West of England and am a specialist in the field of intellectual property – there is a funny, quirky and interesting aspect to it – does it help or hinder our creative instincts?

I run successful workshops for children and young adult readers throughout the UK. I use my own stories as springboards into new writing. People say that these transformative sessions switch students onto reading and writing.

Commissioned by:
BBC Radio 4, BBC Radio 3, BBC Radio Wales, CBBC, S4C, HTV, Al Jazeera, UK IPO, EUIPO.


In this story nothing is what it seems. Even though we’re told in the first paragraph that the central character isn’t a real part of the story, we believe he is because we want to. He’s a cop, who can’t work out the big picture. By the time you finish this book you’ll see the picture – and you’ll want to know more. That’s how a good story should end.

‘The Pumpkin Season is a kind of anti-detective novel. I was tired of formulaic stories about central protagonists who go on journeys that reveal this or that about their character that ultimately lead to a sense of being robbed (on behalf of the reader). I wanted to write something that paid no attention at all to the conventions of genre. I’m not sure that that was a ever a deliverable task, because what I think I’ve done is contributed to a different genre. Anyway, my hope is that readers enjoy it. That’s the whole point.’

‘Wrecking Ball are a great indie publisher and I’ve really enjoyed working with them. I hope you enjoy the new book.’

New fiction for young adults: The Last Big One

Clint Williams is in trouble. When he arrives in a new school way out on the west coast he thinks that this time, things will be different. A few weeks later, he’s expelled from school, running from his enemies and holed up in the craziest place he could imagine. Can he redeem himself – with a horse?

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Workshops for schools

I visit junior and secondary schools throughout the UK. For junior schools my workshops are enabling experience designed to turn readers and writers of all abilities onto writing their own work. I use my own experience and stories as gateways to discussion, action and creation.

‘When I do school events and kids ask me what author they should read I say Anthony Horowitz, Rosemary Sutcliff and Dan Anthony,’ Tom Palmer.